• Dry and dehydrated skin can result in irritation such as redness and itching.

    Mineral Intensive Cream – a rapidly-absorbed moisturizer that nourishes and revitalizes the skin – was developed from Blue Lagoon minerals.
    Bath & Body Oil – composed of Blue Lagoon silica and minerals – softens and nourishes the skin.

    Both products are used at Blue Lagoon's psoriasis clinic with excellent results and are known for the softening and soothing effects on skin.The products go quickly into skin and restore the skin suppleness and comfort, all day long. 

    Fragrance free
    Dermatologically tested 
    Paraben free 
    Color free
  • Step 1: Shower/bath (not too warm).

    Step 2: Towel dry gently (tap the skin).

    Step 3: Apply Silica Softening Bath & Body Oil generously on damp skin.

    Treatment is repeated daily AM or PM until your skin is completely balanced.
    We suggest follow-up treatment with Mineral Intensive Cream or Mineral Moisturizing Cream.
  • This treatment package includes the Silica Softening Bath & Body Oil (200 ml) and Mineral Intensive Cream (200 ml), comes in a Blue Lagoon box.

Type: Treatment

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